Joshua Caleb Smith (Joshua C.S.) comes from a family of artists and musicians.  He enjoys spending time with family, writing and recording new music, performing music, helping others find their creative vision, painting, drawing, cooking, carpentry, and meditation.

2017 Released “Roots” which raised to the top 200 on weighted and unweighted radio charts during a spring tour through the south, released follow up “Live at Hendershot’s in Athens GA” and is currently working on a new music and new shows
2016 Recorded full length, “Roots” as a fully independent project, Executive Producer and Music Supervisor for feature film “Juicy Mooshu”
2015 Wrote and recorded soundtrack for short film “The American Dream” (featured in Louisiana Film Prize), and provides music and music supervisor for short film “Hunger for Love”, released “Love and War EP 1” as band, Joshua and the Bandits
2014 Works as a producer and multi-media branding professional on various projects, wrote recorded and released a song a week for one year
2013 Records for various trailers for The Weinstein Company with Deron Johnson and Andrea Remanda, and opens advertising agency, Plan Left, in Nashville TN with Matthew Smith (brother), releases book”This Body’s Made for Good Livin'”
2012 Writes and records soundtrack and feature music for Michael Rooker film, “Pennhurst” (aka “Asylum of the Dead”), moves to Nashville TN, first national tour, records follow up record to “Listen” in New York City, NY with Deron Johnson and Andrea Remanda (unreleased), records “Joshua” EP in Nashville TN, begins filming for documentary “Home on the Road”
2011 Records first solo band EP with Alex Elena (grammy-winning producer, record unreleased), records follow up “Listen” EP with Deron Johnson and Andrea Remanda, and records song “Our Time Will Come” for TV Show “The Young and the Restless” (nominated for Emmy), performs as featured artist at “Overflow Joplin” a benefit concert for Joplin, MO tornado relief, produces and performs for Beverly Hills, CA Relay for Life “Fight Back” concert with The Tokens (“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”) and The Mowgli’s
2010 Residencies and various shows in Los Angeles CA including magazine release party for Signature Magazine, features in LA WEEKLY, Pasadena Scene, and produces and performs for Nashville TN flood relief concert, “Play it Forward Nashville”
2009 First ever show as with Stereofox full band, Prince sat in with the band, Stereofox album, “Ice the Symphony” recorded with Deron Johnson and Gary Novak in Burbank CA
2008 Stereofox bootleg recordings and acoustic EP recordings
2007 Began working with Stereofox as a 3 piece band, first show at Viper Room on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood CA
2006 Moved to Los Angeles CA, started local band Stereofox, dropped out of school
2005 After Hurricane Katrina, moved to Pascagoula MS to do relief work for hurricane victims there and in Gulf Port MS
2003 Started college at Belmont Univesity for Music Business, began recording sophomore album (titled “New York City”) inspired by an anticipated move to New York City, NY
2000 Tracked his first record (titled “Shagcarpeted Dreams”) on a Tascam 8 track recorder that was given to him by the drummer of Audio Adrenaline (a neighbor at the time)
1999 Worked as a guitar play and singer for local acts in and around Fairview and Nashville TN
1998 First performance as a songwriter in a local coffee shop in Fairview TN.
1997 Wrote a lot of songs
1996 Started playing guitar